4 Common Eye Problems That May Require A Visit To The Optometrist

Keeping your vision in the best shape possible is sure to be high on your priority list.  However, you may be faced with certain vision problems that demand immediate attention.  It's important to visit an optometrist as necessary, and knowing some routine eye problems that may occur can come in handy for any individual at some point.

Dry Eyes

Living with eyes that lack the appropriate amount of moisture can affect your quality of life. There are many reasons you may be a victim of dry eyes, and it's critical for you to get the appropriate treatment from a professional. This issue will typically require you to place drops in your eyes that will work to restore the appropriate amount of moisture.

Some of the causes of dry eyes include menopause, not blinking frequently and certain medications. Be sure to discuss any symptoms you're experiencing with your optometrist on your next visit.


If you begin to experience cloudy vision, you may have cataracts. These can impair your vision and should be evaluated properly by an eye doctor for the best possible long-term results.

There is typically no pain with cataracts in the beginning stages, and you may only require treatment if the cataracts are large and continue to grow.


This vision problem is usually the result of having too much pressure on the eye itself.  If the optic nerve of the eye begins to deteriorate, this problem can occur to any individual.

There is usually not much of a warning when it comes to this vision problem, and it may develop due to an injury or a severe eye infection. It's important to have any changes in your vision evaluated by an optometrist.


This is typically a temporary condition that may require treatment for it to get better quickly. If there is tearing, pain or your eyes are extremely itchy, you could potentially have this condition. It's also referred to as pink eye, and you may need to use medicated drops to shorten the duration of conjunctivitis.

Being able to address any changes in your vision or treat any problems should be foremost on your mind. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Surrey for an accurate diagnosis and the proper amount of treatment to ensure the health of your eyes. Being able to see is sure to be one of the greatest things you possess!