Four Things To Ask About The Cost Of Lasik

Lasik surgery is one that many optometrists recommend their patients in order to correct their poor vision. Lasik can help improve your vision in a huge life-changing way, so it's definitely worth considering. However, this doesn't come without a cost and for this reason, it's important to ask the right questions before jumping into it. Here are four things you should be asking:

  1. What's Included in the Cost? Most likely, you are going to be given an estimate for the cost of surgery right off the bat. However, this estimate doesn't always include every single cost that you are going to need to take on. For example, some of these quotes don't include the cost of aftercare needs you might have, such as pain medication. It's important that you know what's covered so that you are prepared for the total cost of the procedure. 
  2. Is Each Eye a Different Cost? Sometimes the quote that you receive is per eye, so you want to take note of that. This way, you multiply the estimate by two in order to get the total amount. However, sometimes one eye is going to cost more than another because the vision is more impaired here or you will only need the surgery for one eye because your other eye is not visually impaired. 
  3. What About an Assurance Plan? You might consider looking into an assurance plan for your Lasik surgery, which is basically like a warranty. This means that you can receive a second treatment if something were to go wrong or it didn't correct your sight enough like it was supposed to. Sometimes this plan is included with your estimated cost for surgery. If it's not, then you want to talk about the cost of including it. 
  4. What About Insurance? Finally, you want to go over what insurance is going to cover if you have vision insurance. Many times, insurance won't cover the procedure because it is not deemed as necessary. However, this isn't always the case so it doesn't hurt to double check. 

When you go over these four things about the cost of your Lasik procedure, you can be sure that you are financing it properly and going into it confident with what you are going to be paying. However, this questions can also help you determine if it's actually something that is within your budget and gives you a clear understanding of what needs to be done to make it affordable.