Tip To Help You Prepare For A Successful Eye Exam

When you take care of your vision and its changing needs, you should see your eye doctor regularly at an annual exam. It is important to be prepared and have the right items at your appointment and the right information as well. Here are some tips to help you get prepared for a successful appointment with your eye doctor.

Prepare For Your Appointment

When you have scheduled your eye exam with your doctor, make sure you bring to your appointment your vision insurance information, whether it is on a card or you call the receptionist with the information beforehand. Many insurance companies will cover most or all your annual eye exams with a small co-payment and a part of your lens order. Check with your vision insurance before if you have any questions about your coverage.

Plan to take your prescription eyeglasses, contacts, and any prescription sunglasses with you on the day of your appointment. Your eye doctor may need to measure and record their strength at your appointment, especially if you are a new patient. This helps them to determine if your prescription has changed when they check your vision.

If you normally have your eyes dilated for your exam, plan to bring some sunglasses to wear for afterward to help protect your eyes against the brightness of the sun. You might also plan to have someone drive you home for safety, as it can be difficult to see when your eyes have been dilated. 

Write down any questions or concerns you want to talk to your eye doctor about. This can help you avoid forgetting important items you want to discuss.

Consider Your Lens Needs

Once your eye doctor completes the eye exam and determines your current prescription, you can order your new lenses. If you traditionally wear contacts, you can order new contact lenses in the fit and type you need. For example, you can order disposable lenses that you replace every few weeks or long-wearing lenses that will require a regular cleaning. 

If you need to select a new pair of frames, consider all the options available on the wall. Depending on your skin tone and shape of your face, there may be a specific size, shape, and color of frame that would suit your best. You can also order two pairs of frames so you have one for daily wear at work and another pair for weekend fun and outdoor activities, for example. Also, look at a pair of prescription glasses to wear while driving and while you are outside.

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